Ad Hoc joins team on USDA Forest Service BPA to support modernization

A team led by Creative Systems and Consulting and including Ad Hoc and TechTrend has been awarded a three year task order on the DAITSS Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) for USDA Forest Service Natural Resource Manager (NRM) Directorate IT Support Services for NRM modernization. We’re thrilled to be part of this team, which is Ad Hoc's first opportunity to support the Forest Service and its modernization initiatives.

The Forest Service CIO is focused on modernizing their 70+ software applications that manage agency data and connect with both internal and external users. The USDA Forest Service Natural Resource Manager maintains 40+ IT applications that more than 9,000 employees use to execute the Forest Service’s mission and collect data that improves decision making, transparency, and reporting.

Ad Hoc will be responsible for providing human-centered design (HCD) and research capabilities to this partnership, which are core capabilities for Ad Hoc. Our cross-functional teams use HCD to discover what works best for people, rather than working linearly towards a predefined solution. Putting the needs of people at the center of our process helps to ensure we’re prioritizing the most important point of view — the humans on the receiving end of the service.

“We believe strongly that developing solutions from the perspective of the humans who will be using these applications will make their systems more efficient and user friendly,” said Ad Hoc Senior UX Designer Kade Schemahorn.

The Ad Hoc team is proud to serve as a subcontractor for Creative Systems and Consulting in helping to transform the Forest Service’s systems.

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