Cross-functional teams using commercial sector innovations

Blocky, the Ad Hoc mascot, and friend building the layers of an application.

Ad Hoc’s methodology brings the best of the consumer technology sector to public services.

Deliver value quickly

Respond to change

Reduce common risks

There’s no silver bullet for building successful digital services. It takes a disciplined approach that allows teams to continually respond to new information and deliver value to users.

Continuous Discovery & Delivery

Learning is at the core of successful digital services. Ad Hoc’s Continuous Discovery & Delivery approach brings feedback into every part of the software development cycle so agencies can adapt to the needs of government and the people they serve.

Unlike other approaches that deliver against fixed requirements and upfront research, Ad Hoc’s approach delivers value frequently and adapts delivery to current goals, learnings, and outcomes. This reduces risks in cost, timeline, and unmet needs.

Two interconnected loops. In the center of the loop on the left is the text continous discovery, and in the loop on the right is the text continous delivery.

With Continuous Discovery, teams are always working on solving the highest value user needs, technical challenges, and agency goals. Combined with on-going user testing, Continuous Delivery allows agencies to learn and respond while providing value quickly.

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