Celebrating Pride Month at Ad Hoc

Ad Hoc logo stickers go rainbow for pride

As a remote-first company, with employees living all over the U.S., Slack is Ad Hoc’s water cooler, discussion board, and gathering space. We hang out with other #makers, #homeowners, #parents, and #spacenerds, getting to know and support colleagues who gather around a shared extracurricular interest. In March 2017, Ad Hoc’s LGBTQ+ employees set up an #lgbtq Slack channel, and since then, Ad Hoc-ers who identify somewhere within the LGBTQ+ family share articles, swoon over Janelle Monaé’s latest, and talk about the tough stuff.

Image of slack conversation - Laura Ellena joins slack lgbtq slack channel - hi, I thought it would be nice for this space to exist, and now it does! I've never been out-at-work before, but have been thinking about how representation matters lately, so doing the thing.

For some of us, Ad Hoc is the first company where we’ve felt comfortable being out; for others, #lgbtq is a place to test the waters and explore being out at work without being fully out to the whole company. Over the past year, while Ad Hoc has grown from 80 to 130 people, 10-12% of the company has been present in the channel.

Image of slack conversation - Robert DiMartino - hello! today's my first day, and I'm very happy to see something like this exists. thanks!

We periodically message our #general channel to let new employees know that #lgbtq exists:

Image of slack conversation - Hi Channel! Happy National Coming Out Day! For those who don't know, Ad Hoc has an lgbtq channel for folks who identify somewhere in the family LGBTQ to connect and chat.

Ad Hoc hopes you’ve had an awesome Pride Month!