Podcast on responsive design at Vets.gov

Today, Ad Hoc Creative Director Danny Chapman joined Vets.gov USDS Design Lead Emily Wright-Moore in a podcast about the vets.gov project on Responsive Web Design.

Here’s an excerpt:

In collaborating with the content team, we made a pretty conscious decision not to design too much with these systems early on before the content team had had a chance to really write to what the user actually needed. A lot of times in projects past—for me at least as a designer—it’s very easy to build a container that then the content team has to kind of pour the content into that middle area that wraps around your header and your footer and your navigation and sidebar and so on, and you give them a sort of amorphous blob in the middle, and we really didn’t want to do that.

Listen to the podcast on the Responsive Web Design website, or on iTunes.