Playbooks and guides

The Ad Hoc Government Digital Services Playbook

Agencies moving from enterprise software patterns to proven commercial software techniques can use this resource to build team practices that create resilient, flexible, customer-friendly digital services.

Illustration of a cloud, a web page, a connection, and a lock, all connected by dashed lines.

The Ad Hoc Product Field Guide

This guide centers on the importance of approaching digital services and technology using product thinking and explains how product management is critical to transforming government agencies.

Illustration of an open box with icons representing elements of product management bursting upwards.

The Ad Hoc Accessibility Beyond Compliance Playbook

Government and civic organizations wanting to advance their understanding of accessibility from basic compliance to inclusive, human-centered experiences can use this playbook to create more equitable digital services.

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The Ad Hoc ATO Field Guide

This guide introduces the steps for attaining an Authorization to Operate (ATO) to create new systems for the federal government, and it can help agile product teams understand how to integrate it into their own development processes.

Illustration of a construction vehicle with a key dangling from a crane extension.

The Ad Hoc Platform Smells Playbook

Use this playbook to recognize and address common problems with technology platforms. If you can catch issues early, you can reduce their impact and increase the value of your investment into building platforms that serve people well.

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The Ad Hoc Research Thinking Field Guide

This resource is written for digital services and technology leaders working in a government agency at the federal, state, or local level. It describes a new, advanced way of applying research approaches to strategic decision making across digital services.

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The Ad Hoc Incident Response Playbook

Use this playbook to lay the foundation for a flexible, blameless incident response practice.

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