Setting the right benchmarks for site speed in government

April 12, 2022

As we think about ways in which government sites meet the needs of their users, speed is an integral part of what makes a site inclusive and accessible to more people.

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Bringing service design to the VA digital services platform

March 16, 2022

To meet the needs of internal customers, Ad Hoc’s platform service design team takes a service design approach to continuously gather feedback and use that information to improve user interactions and experiences with the VSP program.

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Developing a focus style for a themable design system

February 08, 2022

On a recent project, we had a set of focus styles built into a design system that were inconsistent and ineffective, leading to a not-so-great end user experience.

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Creating a flagship mobile app to meet Veterans’ needs

January 26, 2022

This summer, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) launched a new flagship mobile app built with the support of Ad Hoc to provide Veterans convenient, seamless, and secure access to their healthcare and benefits information.

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The new Ad Hoc Accessibility Beyond Compliance Playbook

January 19, 2022

Follow our plays to better equip your organization and teams with practices that lead to more equitable digital services for all.

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Examining the architecture

January 18, 2022

A day early, the Biden Administration has quietly launched the new website that allows households to order four COVID-19 rapid antigen tests.

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Tour the U.S. with Ad Hoc!

January 10, 2022

If you’re looking to try something new, whether in your home state or another, check out our list for some bookmark-worthy adventures!

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Crafting our leadership teams for fast, effective information flow

January 04, 2022

As people within Engineering take on new responsibilities, and new people join our teams, they are entering an intentionally-structured way of operating.

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Meeting security needs through an inclusive approach

December 15, 2021

In keeping with this year’s theme of “Embracing Change: Adapting for the Future,” our panel explored the question of what happens when accessibility isn’t integrated into security practices.

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Ad Hoc joins team on USDA Forest Service BPA to support modernization

December 02, 2021

Ad Hoc will be responsible for providing human-centered design (HCD) and research capabilities to this partnership. HCD and research are both areas of expertise for Ad Hoc.

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The right benchmarks

November 30, 2021

While government websites don’t need to match or outpace commercial websites on design novelty or retention metrics, they should aim to outperform on ensuring users accomplish their goals easily and efficiently.

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Using CX to align goals for improved service delivery

November 22, 2021

We believe customer experience should serve as more of an active “sense and respond” function that helps agencies reduce friction to service delivery, rather than just a passive reporting role.

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