Using CX to align goals for improved service delivery

November 22, 2021

We believe customer experience should serve as more of an active “sense and respond” function that helps agencies reduce friction to service delivery, rather than just a passive reporting role.

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Research as Diplomacy: The marriage of research and product

November 10, 2021

Reframing the research step and using it to bring stakeholders’ concerns to the forefront instead of pushing past them can turn research skeptics into research advocates. We call this approach Research as Diplomacy.

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Learning to grow as an organization without losing who you are

October 21, 2021

For us, that has meant doubling down on our people and investing in new structures that promote professional development, technical excellence, and the impact of the digital services we support.

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How Ad Hoc supports working parents and caregivers

October 18, 2021

Ad Hoc’s #remotelife culture gives our team members the flexibility to adjust their work to meet the needs of their lives.

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Improving government services, by design

October 13, 2021

We know that in order to build effective software, we need to understand the service’s current process. That’s where we turn to service design tools and methodologies.

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6 concrete tips on how to keep good people while managing remotely

September 13, 2021

People are quitting their jobs in record numbers across many industries right now. How can we keep folks interested and engaged in their work, specifically in a remote environment?

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When to manage focus in an accessible way

September 09, 2021

Popular JavaScript frameworks and tools can’t tell you when to manage focus. If you’re a product manager, designer, or engineer, properly managing focus so users know where to go is on you.

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Ad Hoc continues to support CMS Hospital Quality Reporting

September 07, 2021

Ad Hoc and our prime contract partner, Bellese Technologies, won a contract from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to support the Hospital Quality Reporting 2.0 task order.

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Staying ahead of the curve on mobile accessibility

September 01, 2021

We know we need to build digital services holistically and inclusively to make them available to the largest possible number of people, regardless where the compliance bar is set.

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Threat modeling: a journey of hypothetical nuances

August 04, 2021

Threat modeling at Ad Hoc often starts early in the process of designing a system, and can involve product managers as much as it does any of the engineering staff.

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Embarrassingly automatable as the first step of legacy modernization

July 20, 2021

Perhaps it’s time for an equivalent of Maslow’s classic hierarchy of needs, but for legacy modernization projects.

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Ad Hoc achieves three ISO certifications

June 24, 2021

Ad Hoc is proud to announce that we’re now certified for three internationally recognized standards in quality management, information technology service management, and information security management.

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