Eleanor Desai named WashingtonExec 2023 Chief Officer Awards finalist

One of Ad Hoc’s core values is to cultivate great teams.

We’ve brought together people from across the country who want to focus their time and talents helping our customers provide positive, efficient experiences for the public they serve. A recent affirmation of this commitment came when WashingtonExec announced that Ad Hoc’s Eleanor Desai was named as one of 5 finalists in the Chief Operating Officer category for the 2023 WashingtonExec Chief Officer Awards.

“To me, cultivating great teams means finding talented people with diverse experience and backgrounds who are inspired by the mission, enabling them to be successful, and creating an environment for them to thrive. I am honored to be entrusted with upholding this value at Ad Hoc, especially as a fast-growing large business and leader in digital services,” said Desai.

These awards recognize the most impactful chief executives in government and industry who are “leading their organizations with innovation, expertise, and thought leadership.” Eleanor, who has been with Ad Hoc since 2019, has exemplified these qualities from her first day. She has demonstrated integrity, enthusiasm, and a strategic vision for helping to grow Ad Hoc as an organization and expand our work in the government ecosystem.

“I believe that we have the opportunity to do something very special here,” Desai said. “The government is charged with providing services for all people, and it’s our responsibility to bring our very best to innovate and break through barriers to help enable their success.”

Her leadership is a powerful example for our team. By focusing each day on building productive relationships with our customers, we can continue building solutions that will help improve the public services so many people rely on and, as a result, raise people’s expectations of government.

WashingtonExec will announce the winners at an event on May 10. Congratulations and good luck, Eleanor!

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