Ad Hoc acquires Cascades Technologies, LLC

Today, Ad Hoc closed a deal to acquire Cascades Technologies, LLC, a federal IT company with decades of experience providing critical IT services to a broad range of federal agencies.

With this acquisition, Ad Hoc adds new capabilities, a significant number of team members, and new agencies where we can help the government use technology to improve how it serves people.

Since co-founding Ad Hoc in 2014 with Paul Smith, we’ve been building a company with the size, maturity, and capabilities to make a significant impact on the way agencies use technology to meet their mission. After working on the rescue team, we saw that there were tremendous opportunities to build simpler, more efficient, and more effective systems within government. Paul and I both have backgrounds in software engineering, and that is the first skill Ad Hoc brought to the government in support of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

Soon after we started the company, we realized we needed a broader range of skills to help the government build services that work for people. So we added experts in human-centered design, user research, product management, DevOps, and cybersecurity. And we built small, cross-functional teams that allowed all kinds of technologists to improve each other’s work and deliver excellent applications to our federal customers.

Today, we’re taking another step toward expanding what we can offer the federal government so that we can have an even larger impact on how the government builds and operates digital services. The team from Cascades brings experience in data analytics, compliance processes, and help desk support. They also have engineering, mobile development, and bilingual UX experience that will augment and expand Ad Hoc’s existing capabilities.

With these new capabilities and new contracts at financial and regulatory agencies, the General Services Administration, and the Department of Labor, we’re excited about how we can expand the type of support we provide to our customers. As more agencies embrace techniques common in consumer technology and implement the Customer Experience Executive Order, they will need partners with deep government experience and teams staffed with technologists with industry-leading skills. Ad Hoc is ready to support agencies in this work and help them transform into modern technology organizations.