Ad Hoc at RevTechX - California’s digital revolution conference

Ad Hoc is a sponsor of the RevTechX conference, “Future Technologies for a Better Government”, which begins today and runs through tomorrow at the Cal Expo in Sacramento, CA.

At 11AM in Pavilion 6, Ad Hoc CEO and co-founder Greg Gershman will speak at a session called,“ From Disaster to Operational Success”. Here’s the description:

Hear about the behind-the-scenes story of how a small A-team of software engineers dropped in to save the famously failed roll out of Learn from the first boots on the ground how they turned the disaster around into operational success and how that continues today.

For the past year, Ad Hoc has been working hard in the state capital — talking with agencies, interviewing potential new team members, and sitting down with civic tech innovators and influencers. We’re excited and encouraged by the breadth of projects we’ve seen State agencies putting out over the past year.

We’re actively seeking partners with a history of great work in the state of California. If you’re interested, come hear Greg this morning, stop by the Ad Hoc booth, talk to our colleagues Dave Weinberg and Sherri Stanfil, and/or hit us up at

Photo of Sacramento capitol building in California.

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