Curtis’ #remotelife at Ad Hoc

For me, #remotelife means awesome food.

Working remotely is pretty cool. It’s by no means a breeze, and it comes with its own set of difficulties, but one thing I’ve come to greatly enjoy is the ability to eat amazing food.

Curtis the Sous Chef

I love food. I like preparing it, I like cooking it, I like presenting it, and I love eating it. (side note, I do not like cleaning up after it) One of the things I had entirely overlooked in my previous job was my resignment to only eating quality food on the weekends.

All week I’d survive on coffee, crackers, and an occasional sub sandwich. Dinners were something simple my wife and I could make in under 30 min. Sometimes we even devolved to microwaved dinners shudder.

When I joined Ad Hoc, it was a great chance to take a second look at the type of meals I eat, and more importantly, the amount of care I put into a meal. Well prepared food takes time and care. Importantly, it doesn’t take a lot of time to prepare, but cooking something slow over low heat requires an level of availability not possible when you work in a building 20 miles from your house.

I now take great joy in starting meals while I wake up. I have lunches and dinners that are delicious and inexpensive. Additionally, they give me time to hone a craft. They enable, and require, me to continually practice something I’ve been doing for more than 20 years.

Tacos, for lunch!

Whether it’s tacos, coq au vin, freshly roasted and ground coffee, or really good bread, I put quality ingredients into my body on a regular basis, because remote life is about enabling those parts of your life that in turn enable amazing work.